Brandon Sly, The Confluence Fly Shop

“As an avid fly fisher I am constantly on the lookout for the perfect fly fishing boat. The Dogfish 8 is the best I have found so far! Easy to maneuver with oars or a small trolling motor (my 35 lbs thrust electric motor has me cruising around the lake) this boat tracks true and draws very little water. Clean lines inside and out virtually eliminate line snag ups while casting or fighting a fish. Durable construction and replaceable drag strips make it easy to launch while fishing solo and at 8’ it fits easily in the bed of my truck. My favorite feature on the Dog Fish 8, however, is its stability. Having the ability to easily stand up and turn around in the boat not only makes fly fishing easier it also makes it more effective. I am able to set my trolling motor up so I can stand and cast while slowly nudging myself along a weed bed in search of that lunker bass. The Dogfish 8 rocks!”    May 2016

Steve Ronholt of Fishing with Ladin

“Used this boat for the first time last week and love it. Many advantages over my pontoon boat. I can stand up and not have to sit the entire time fishing. And I do not have to wader up and have my feet dangling in the water (No flippers that I can barely squeeze on to my boots). Loved fishing from a one man watercraft that is so stable and comfortable.”    April 2016

Clint Avery

“These boats make a great fishing platform. Easily maneuverable easy to row. The clean lines greatly reduce line snags, and the stability makes standing for casting a breeze. This boat has me planning on selling my pontoon boat. Love my Dogfish 8 boat.”  March 2016


“Thank you again for an awesome little fly fishing pram. It suits me perfect. Allows me to stand up whenever I want to even with my poor balance issues from my stroke. For me I rate it a perfect little boat for flyfishing.”  April 2017